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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  November 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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memorials and treasures on the mall need restoration. even the walk ways leading up to it are chipping away. some tourists who get to the nation's capital infrequently hardly seemed to notice. >> last time i was here it was in 2004. it looks about the same and i thought it was beautiful then. >> we went to the mall and it was not that bad. looks pretty nice. >> reporter: but the neglect has not escaped the attention of the interior department, the national parks service and the trust of the national mall. they have inked what is being called the final national mall plan with a provision to preserving the mall in the future, including a new recycling initiative. as for all the time and effort being put into supporting the seawall, it's being called work that will last into perpetuity, but will it really last forever? >> i can guarantee you that there will not be a need to reconstruct the wall here at the jefferson memorial during the life time of anybody here, okay.
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>> karen gray houston reporting tonight. laura evans is in for brian now on the news edge at 11:00. >> not guilty is the plea from this man in a virginia court. but the feds say he's a home grown terrorist who tried to orchestrate an attack on several local stations and tonight, new details on what agents found when they raided his home. roby chavez is work thanksgiving one. >> reporter: we learned about this terror suspect. he was accused of planting the rolling suit cases in the metro bomb plot pled not guilty as you mentioned. he also waived his right it a speedy trial. 34-year-old faruk amed was back in court, charged with providing material support to terrorists, and it is alleged he planned to kill as many military personnel as possible during the height of rush hour, all of it allegedly
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planned from his ashland, virginia, home which was raided two weeks ago. in court today, federal officials say items obtained from his home are alarming. agents reportedly seized guns, including a double-barrelled shot gun, a 22 caliber rifle, a 40 caliber pistol, they also raided several laptops, computers and numerous speeches linked to a radical clerk linked to al qaeda. he plotted dc metro stations while living in a quiet neighborhood. we asked if he believes there are more home grown terrorists out there. >> someone in this area, home-grown terrorists, what kind of red flags go up when someone in your area is picked up like this? >> obviously, it's a great deal of concern for us, going back and looking at september 11 and
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being concerned, are there more attacks that are imminent. i guess when something like this happens in your own neighbor it reenforces our need to be vigilant. >> how do you plug in your own resources, own people on the ground and the people that might have intelligence. do you double check and check in with them to see if there's more out there? >> we do have an investigator signed full-time to the joint terrorism task force which is a federal task force so we're plugged in in that respect, very active and involved there. obviously, whatever information we have that we could put out to patrol units, gang investigation or whatever might be out there in an investigative capacity every day, we pass whatever information we have along to them so they can kind of keep their eyes and ears open as well. i think we're very plugged in in that respect, with all the federal facilities in louden county, i think this is an area of great concern and we are as
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plugged in as we can be now. are we getting all the information in the world? no, but i do feel like having someone on this task force and working with them on a regular basis that we're probably as informed as we can be. i know a lot of information is a need to know basis. as we need to know it, i believe we get it. >> put this in perspective for us, for those folks who live in this area, is this an isolated incident or is there a reason to believe there are other people like this operating in this area? is this a reality. >> i think it's a very real threat and brings home the fact that this type of activity and these types of folks are in our communities and could be planning something as we speak. not to set off alarms but we need to be vigilant. >> a louder county sheriff was part of the undercover operation and that person was not allowed
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to share any information with anyone. sheriff simpson says he only found out about the plot shortly before the arrest went down, laura. >> a teenager shot to death in trinidad. they think it was because he was joking around with a friend. joseph sharps jr. was killed and his friend was shot in the leg but he survived. both were students which has counselors available now for friends and staff. a decision tonight, finally in that contentious race for the virginia 11th, republican keith fimian conceding the race to democrat and indumb bent jerry connolly. the vote count isn't official yet but it looks like fimian lost by about 900 votes and that's still narrow enough for fimian to request a recount but so far, he hasn't done that. he has until november 22 to change his mind. >> i think it's an incomplete project. we've got a lot more work to do. president obama talking about bridging the divide between the us and the muslim world. the president is wrapping up his
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trip in indonesia. topics of discussion, the economy, education, energy, and a spirit of cooperation so that emerging powers like indonesia can develop to benefit all nations. indo neesians have been thrilled by the president's brief visit. he had canceled two trips to the nation where he once lived and this one has been actually cut short and that's because of a volcano that's blowing ash into air force 1's planned air space. a health alert you might not know about. new evidence that's out tonight shows that stress is becoming a serious threat to families, especially to your children. the american psychological association released an expansive study today. it says 1/3 of american parents categorize their stress levels as extreme, and it trickles down from there to your kids, causing serious problems physically and
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emotionally. tonight i spoke to dr. mary albard who worked on this study and i asked her what's one of the most alarming things she's found in this study. >> i think the most alarming for adults is the rate of chronic health diseases and health complications for the adults, and it is higher in the dc area than nationwide. >> what kind of health consequences are we talking about? >> well, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes has doubled in terms of what people are reporting since last year. >> reporter: and i understand from this study, we're passing the stress to our kids. >> we are. as adults, parents think -- the parents are saying their stress doesn't affect their children but only a 14% of the children agree. >> how is it affecting them. >> we asked how do you know
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they're stressed out, they yell more and complain more about the things they have to do and also the consequence to the kids is that they feel like their parents don't have as much time for them. >> reporter: and i would say i feel as a parent a little guilty about passing the stress to our kids. what can we do as parents to stop it. >> i think first of all we need to be aware that our stress does impact and affect our children, and then i think as parents we need to prioritize our time. there are only so many days. there are only so many hours in the day, and yet there's some activity, we're pulled between work and all the other stressors that interfere so it's important to say what's the most important thing, how can we fit it in, and don't think about the entire week. think about that day, so i think the key is breaking it down into small parts so it's manageable. >> reporter: and take a deep breath. >> and take a deep breath, because otherwise we get overwhelmed. >> reporter: thanks very much. >> as you might imagine there's more to this story. for more information and advice
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on managing your stress, go to and click on "web links. ". coming up next, it's not exactly the vacation that 4,000 people planned. a cruise ship broken down in the pacific. the rescue is under way. betty white is learned in dc but it has nothing to do with show business. we're back in one minute. 
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>> we're following a developing story off the coast of mexico tonight. the first of several tug boats has reached a cruise shipped stranded in the pacific. a fire in the engine room of the carnival splendor yesterday.
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no ac, no hot water and little food. tug boats will push the ship to san diego. that could take until thursday. we do know no one was hurt in the fire, and we have gotten word that all passengers will get a refund. over to shawn yancy for your fox 5 top 5. we're starting tonight with a consumer alert about your cash register receipts. some receipts are coasted with a toxic chemical linked to cancer and diabetes but one receipt maker wants consumers to know its receipts are free of the chemical. apple ton is adding a red marker to its receipts to alert customers. you can see what it looks like in the top right-hand corner of your screen. number 4, high doses of cholesterol lowering drugs called statins reduce the risk of stroke by 15%. researchers say the drugs also appear to lower the risk of heart attack. they found people taking a higher dose of statin had a greater reduction in cholesterol than people on the lower dose.
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if your teen is a hypertexter, sending more than 30 messages a day, are more likely to have sex and use drugs than ones who don't. they think they have permissive and absent parents so no one is monitoring their texting use. number 2, you can earn cash and help out the environment. commuter connections is offering a car pool reward system. you can earn $1 each way for every day you car pool beyond 90 consecutive days. to join the program you have to be a new car pool participant and fill out a survey online. number 1 tonight, the riskiest places to hand over your social security number. according to mcafee, universities and colleges and banking and financial institutions, hospital and is state, federal and local governments top the list. unfortunately, most of them require your social security number. and laura, that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. thank you. coming up next on the news edge, hollywood's golden girl has her
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dream fulfilled in dc. we'll explain in a story you do not want to miss. and who will it be? there are some big questions about a big name on the skins and whether he'll be ready to play against the eagles, lindsey breaking it all down on the sports edge. we'll be right back. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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and cable doesn't? yes. -i read that. -i do know that. yes, but there's a contract. at verizon, they want you to have a two year contract. i've got commitment issues. no one likes to be tied down. [ man ] so if they didn't lock you into a term contract, you'd consider switching? -oh, absolutely. -definitely. it's a no-brainer. [ man ] because now, with verizon fios, you don't have to sign a term contract. -really? -that's terrific! -did not know that. -i'm in. [ male announcer ] america spoke, verizon listened. switch to fios today, now with no term contract required. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> a personal dream come true tonight for actress betty white. the fan favorite received a special honor in dc and told beth parker there was always something missing in her until today. >> i just can't tell you what
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this day means to me. >> reporter: this golden girl who's lived 88 years won seven emmies and delighted audiences half her age and was still clinging to a childhood dream. >> today, the forest service is proud to proclaim betty white as an honorary forest ranger. >> reporter: the position comes complete with a ranger's hat. >> if you'd like to try that on -- i'll hold it for you. there we go. >> reporter: and badge. >> it's our pleasure to present you with your own forest service badge. [laughter] >> in my heart i've been a forest ranger all my life but now i'm official. >> reporter: betty white truly appreciates nature, long before she felt the glow of hollywood spotlight, she had already felt the warm sun on her face and
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enjoyed the great outdoors. >> my first memories are riding in front of my dad on his horse as we packed into the high sierras, and we'd go in there for three weeks and never see another two-legged soul, other than birds, in our lives, and then we'd come back out and i'd live all of next year waiting for our next trip into the wilderness. as excited as i am today and as grateful as i am, i know two people who would be over the moon, my mother and dad. >> reporter: she's in town for a black tie event and still looking for a date, even a furry one. back when white was a kid, women were not allowed to be forest rangers. that has changed and so have a lot of other things too. >> reporter: wilderness is harder and harder to find these days on this beautiful planet. >> she is grateful for what remains. >> thank you with all my heart.
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>> reporter: in washington, beth parker fox 5 news. >> she's great. she's a class act. she is just the perfect woman, isn't she, and i was saying earlier part of her inner skill came from these camping trips as a kid. she can do anything, she's proven it. >> and i think she could camp out in this kind of weather. >> and i love her plug for keeping the pristine faces around for a lot longer. >> it's a great message. >> she is terrific . you know what, laura, it's a decent night and i'm glad betty white is in town. i hope she's enjoying this nice run of warm weather in dc. crisp and cool and probably not too frosty. all things considered we are in good shape. how about a check of temperatures around the region. lots of places in the 40s to low 50s. we'll shave another 8 or so degrees off this tonight and i don't think the kids will find this too terribly cold in the morning. let's see what's going on in the north. not too cold there, detroit 32
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and chicago a couple degrees cooler than we are right now, our temperatures 52 degrees. overnight, not too frosty, 37, gaithersburg 48, fredricksburg 41. the clouds coming from that big storm in the atlantic, it's hanging around and will begin to loosen its group. although it was a nice group, wasn't it. they would disagree with us in new england. it's been breezy and blustery. for dc, it's mostly chilly with a few spots below 44 degrees, downtown, we still had the breeze hanging around earlier today and even with the breeze it felt warmer and i think that's how it will feel tomorrow. the 61 will feel much nicer with full sunshine. it will be wall to wall sunshine we're thinking, 48 degrees in the morning, noon 58, 4:00, 62
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degrees. one thing we will continue to watch is how close clouds get to the beaches but we think most everybody will be in the low 60s tomorrow, so speaking of that big ocean storm, let's give you another peek as it was producing wind gusts between 60 and 70 miles per hour yesterday. we believe the storm will drift and wobble out of the way and with that open the door for high pressure to move in and settle on top of us so the transition day is tomorrow and the high will be moving in, and that means a continuation of what we've had. high pressure will kind of rule for the next several days. we have another front we'll try to cross on sunday but we believe it will cross on the dry side. what you see is what you get, another dry sunny day tomorrow and we'll keep it going into the weekend. here's your five-day forecast. temperature-wise, lots of low-60s and as we get closer to the weekend, it might warm up a
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little bit more. thursday is veteran's day, and maybe mid-60s for sunday. not bad weather at all. enjoy the nice run and who else is enjoying the nice run? the capitals. lindsay murphy's sports report is next. [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ and cable doesn't? yes. -i read that. -i do know that. yes, but there's a contract. at verizon, they want you to have a two year contract.
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>> good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. talk about riding high, the capitals are looking to extend their winning streak to five games and continue their dominance over the rangers, the team they have beat 8 of the
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last 10 times but we all know it's never really that easy at madison square garden. the capitals trailed 1-0. mike green in a rare fight and brandon dubenski, and something else you don't see, john winds it up, finds the first goal of the season. game tied 2-2. second period, caps down 1. sneaking his way into the rangers zone, his pass deflects to michael who buries his first goal, evening it at 3-3. matt bradley centers to matt hendrix who nets the go ahead goal. the capitals defeat the rangers 5-3 for a fifth straight win. >> and during this 2000 season clinton portis got himself into the best shape of his life. his mission, to prove n2000 season clinton portis got himself into the best shape of his life. his mission, to prove that even a 29-year-old 9-year vet can still be a top player. his other mission to surpass
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10,000 career rushing yards. right now he is 109 yards shy. he was injured in week 4 against philly. he suffered a tear of his groin muscle. it's now 6 weeks since the injury and he's working to get back on the field in time for the skins' monday night game. he practiced for bye and was back yesterday at 100% and today he said he had some swelling, which is normal. how hard has it been for cp to sit out. >> i was looking forward to proving everybody wrong, so, you know, i think that was the biggest thing, and then having the camaraderie we have as a team, not really being on the field in those situations, you know, barely losing in the four games that we've lost, you know, just feeling like you could have made a change in that game. you never know your last day in this league and i think what we have in that locker room is something special so just to be on the field with those guys for
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16 games, enjoy the ride, would be great. >> cp said he'll probably be a game-time decision. if he and ryan torain are coming off a ham string injury are unable to go, number 24 james davis could be added to the roster. he's currently a member of the redskins' practice squad. the redskins play monday night hosting the eagles at 8:30. immediately following the game is redskins post game, with dave feldman, walker, and yours truly. the wizards took to the practice court the third time in 24 hours preparing for tomorrow night's home game against the rockets. yesterday, the coach was displeased with the morning practice and stormed off the court telling everybody to report back for another practice at 4:00 p.m. the last two practices have been much more to flip's liking. >> we're concentrating our
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efforts mentally and physically and feeling we comprehended more things and got through things. we had a good practice again last night so hopefully message delivered, message received. >> i like that. one final note, the turps basketball team is back in action tomorrow night against the college of charleston. that's the look at sports. the edge will be right back. 
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